Rambudifest came to form August 4th 2012 when we were approached with two packages This Romantic Tragedy was on a 3 band tour package and Deception Of A Ghost was on another package. We decided to throw everything together on a whim, toss some high drawing acts from around New England on the bill and call it Rambudifest! Of course our first year was not the most successful but it was the starting point of something that we as an organization had no idea it was going to turn into. When we landed VANNA in 2013 for the festival and sold out the 3065 Live in Wareham, Ma we realized that we were on to something much bigger here than we originally anticipated. Each year founder Mike Carp seeks outs the best nationals for this festival and makes sure locals in the area are taken care of properly after a year of hard work. Join us for years to come we are extremely excited about this years event with The Acacia Strain!! Each year attendance has grown and venues from 3065 Live in Wareham, The Palladium and now FETE MUSIC HALL have been extremely accommodating to us!

Sponsors: Pleasure In Pain Tattoo (TAUNTON)