Rambudikon Productions/The Rambudikon Agency:

Mike Carp - Owner/Lead Organizer/Promoter/Agent

Alex Cohen  - Promoter/Agent

Paul Draicchio - Promoter/Agent

Cyrus Pruenca - Promoter


Our Story

Established in July of 2011 as Rambudikon Promotions then re-branded in 2013 as Rambudikon Productions we are the future of booking shows in New England. 

The Company was founded by Mike Carp and Brian Cauti, after surveying the state of the scene for so long we felt that it was truly time for change and truly time to start a revolution in PROVIDENCE, RI.

Our goal is to create an enjoyable atmosphere at every single show we put together. We do not like empty venues and awkward times. The goal for us is to fill venues and put money into bands pockets. 

We want you to come to a Rambudikon Show and share your experience with us we take a lot of pride in carefully putting together bills that actually make sense. Even if it is a mixed bill we promise you the show will come together perfectly.

Interested in playing a Rambudikon Show? Well that's perfect because Rambudikon loves fresh new bands to work relationships with.

We like our booking to be as transparent as possible, we want you to know what you are getting every time you step into one of our venues. 

There is a certain feeling to a Rambudikon Show that is much unlike all the others, we want to create that 'Home" "Living Room" type feel where everyone is welcome to have a good time and no one leaves dissatisfied.