Martial Law Is:

Alex Fortier - Drums
Nick Fortier - Bass
Codey Parsons - Lead Guitar
Conor Urquhart - Vocals
James Yates - Rhythm Guitar

The beginnings of the Groove Metal band Deathamphetamine started with drummer, Alex Fortier, jamming with different musicians in the Southern NH area. Through several line-up changes Alex and brother, Nick Fortier (Bass), found Codey Parsons (Guitar) and James Yates (Guitar) and started up together playing Lamb of God, Slipknot, Avenged Sevenfold, Metallica, Killswitch Engage, and Slayer covers with no lead singer. John Carson, a friend of Parsons, was the temporary vocalist for the band until Conor Urquhart joined in the summer of 2017, completing the line up.

Deathamphetamine has been playing shows with original material since August 2017, and released a self-recorded live demo on November 4th 2017. Now the band is planning to release a full length LP in 2018.